Making the best out of the worst

Life sucks. Plain and simple. However, this should not stop us from being our best. Its a struggle but it’s worth it. This is a major life lesson I have learnt when I became an adult and entered my early 20s.

The current situation has affected me and here is how I am dealing with it. I hope that sharing this will provide someone reading this the necessary nudge in the right direction.
To help myself during this situation, I have three main approaches. The first approach focuses on my health and wellbeing. The second approach focusses on my goals and the third is my projects.

Let’s start with the first one – health and wellbeing. This aspect is being taken care of through three things. First is food. second is exercise and the third is through meditation.

Food is a slightly tricky one. As of now, I am barely an amateur cook. My solution, ask my mom for some of the recipes and also experiment with food a little bit. After all, chicken masala mix is not to be strictly used in chicken preparations and the egg curry spice mix is not strictly meant for that particular dish. Further, the so-called snacks can be combined with vegetables and spices and can be a main course dish ;). I plan to this a little bit more in my future posts.

The next aspect is exercise. I know that some of you might have heard the following statement before, but I am going to mention it here because it is worth repeating. Exercise is not just good for your physical health but your mental health too. Doing exercise that you enjoy releases Endorphins. These hormones help reduce stress and bring about more positive emotions. Besides all this, on days that I do my workout, I sleep better. I use an app that regularly streams the workout sessions given out by trainers and also has a catalogue of pre-recorded exercise routines.

Next, meditation. This is something that I like doing before going to bed. It helps me unwind and check-in with myself. It has also helped me improve the quality of my sleep.
The last two things that I want to focus on are my goals and projects. Goals are more to do with me upgrading my professional skills, being more regular with my blog posts, etc. My projects are mostly to do with my writing.

P.S – Featured image by Engin Akyurt 

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