Unbound – Chapter 1

“Your nose is too fat.”

“You are beautiful.”

“You have got extensive shoulders.”

“When will you get a boyfriend.”

“you are not successful.”

“This is not right.”

“When do you plan on getting married?”

“Heyyy, beautiful.”

These comments from annoying neighbours, random guy on IG, a relative that loves to interfere with your affair…..the list goes on and on. After a tiring day at work, these are the voices Anita regularly hears in her dreams.

After a lot of tossing and turning, she couldn’t sleep. Thankfully, the next day it was the weekend. Luckily the weekends meant that she didn’t have to go to work. However, some of her flatmates had too. So she quietly got up, wore her slippers and quietly went up to the terrace to enjoy the night sky.

She wondered to herself “for a change, why can’t people learn to mind their own business?! Also, why do I care as to what people think about me?”

As she lay there wondering, her phone pinged. It was a message from one of her flatmates.

“Hi, is everything okay? I heard the creaking of the terrace door, so…”

“Yeah… everything is fine. I just needed a breath of fresh air”, Anita replied.

Earlier during the day…

“Anita, why? I have spent close to 5 years working at this company, and I haven’t received a single promotion yet. Every time I ask the management about it, I am always told to come back later. But, here is this woman who has been here for no more than a year and a half. She has been promoted. What did she do to get promoted so soon?”

” Well, a couple of things that we took into account along with the performance report.”

“Alright Anita, then what was the reason that she was promoted and I was not?”

“Sorry, I as per the rules I am not supposed to discuss her promotion with you. And please be a little bit more respectful. Don’t address her as ‘that woman'”.

“This is not right”, he mumbled as he left the cabin.

Anita slumped back in her chair, took a deep breath and then turned on her computer screen.


No matter what I do, I am always wrong. There are so many things around that don’t make sense. I guess that this is what my social psychology professor was referring to an as double bind. Every single day I have options A, B and C. No matter which option I choose, I am going to be punished. I wish that this tricky situation never existed…

Anita fell asleep on the terrace. She wished that making choices was a bit easier, and the tricky situations that have always been a part of her life had never existed. As she closed her eyes and falling asleep, mumbling her wishes, a shooting star passed by.

It was a beautiful night, with a clear blue sky full of stars and a gentle cooling breeze. Anita wrapped herself more tightly in her chunky knit blanket and soon fell asleep.

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  1. Shruti says:


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  2. darinaiv says:

    Lovely story, Life can be so unfair. I hope Anita never stops chasing her dreams. Thank you for sharing!
    Darina from daramiblog.

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