Unbound – chapter – 2

The sunlight was in her face.  Crap! I hope that my neighbours didn’t see me like this on the terrace. Anita thought to herself as she pushed aside the chunky knit blanket, only to realise that she was not on the patio but in her room. Confused, she checked her watch. The step counter in the wristwatch had shown the number of steps had taken last night. Also, the messages that she had thought that she had received from her flatmate were not there. I have been sleepwalking again! And this time it seems to be worse. I have started seeing very realistic dreams while sleepwalking. 

Scrolling through the messages, she sees a post made by her mom and dad. Its International Daughters’ day. The job was a time-lapse starting from the time Anita was born up till her most recent birthday. Below the video, her parents had briefly written about the highs and the lows of parenthood.

When she was 10, a thief had broken into their house through her room’s window. Ever since that incident, every time there was a storm at night or a nightmare, she would sleepwalk into her parent’s room. She would dig her way through the covers into her mom’s arms and fall asleep.

It had taken a lot of work for me to stop this habit of sleepwalking. Could it be the stress that is causing the sleepwalking again? Am I really that stressed out? I need to find a solution to this problem. I know that people are not completely honest with me. Their words send me a different message from what their body language is telling me. How can I find out what my colleagues are feeling and help them accordingly if they are not willing to have an open conversation with me?  There are people in the office who have are close friends and even best friends across departments. Tomorrow morning I should talk to June.

The next morning…

Anita calls June to her office.

“Hi June, come in!”

June walks in nervously, “Ma’am, is this meeting about Raman?”


“Yes, he worked in the R&D team and was very upset last week about not getting a promotion… it’s nothing important.”

“No. you should tell me. It seems that you found out something about him that I should be worried about, I need to know about it as the head of HR.”

“Well, a while back he had given me his laptop for maintenance related issues…and I found something that didn’t seem right. I am not comfortable about discussing it here…”

“Ok June. How about you over to my house for dinner today and discuss Raman?”

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